TAK EQUESTRIAN established in 1995 with a sole intention to serve with quality and better customer service. Since we all know every one has a humble beginning and raise from small and we too started from small scale but now we feel proud that our tak-crew of skillful staff through their hard work, determination and quality input has reached the height in this corporate world of exports of horse riding equipments and has left a mark and maintained a position. Our products range are from horse clothing to leather saddlery, rider apparel to boots and confirm to be highest standard. We work on following stream to achieve the customer satisfication and lay special emphasis on...

            Timely delivery schedule
            Developing design that are functional, traditional as well as trend setting
            Suitable for every rider either for beginner or professional
            Strict adherence to sizes as per international standard
            Use of finest quality raw material
            Ensuring beauty and complete comfort
            Try to offer the most cost effective products

What you find here is a brief of what we are actually capable of producing and your feedback will be highly appreciated to get you more as it would help us to produce a wider range of products specially suiting to your needs.